Standard Python Project .gitignore

2012-07-15 00:07:00 +0000

I write a lot of Python projects and store them all in Git version control. Each time, I find myself rewriting the .gitignore file, so my repositories aren't cluttered with .pyc files, temporary files, files from pip/virtualenv, and others. So here is my current base .gitignore, partly so it can help you, the reader, and partly so I know where it is. I'll update it as I find other troublesome files. What do your .gitignores look like?

# Python compiled files

# Packages *.egg *.egg-info dist build eggs parts bin var sdist develop-eggs .installed.cfg

# Installer logs pip-log.txt

# Unit test / coverage reports .coverage .tox

#Translations *.mo

#Mr Developer .mr.developer.cfg

# Logging *output.log

#Kate editor *kate-swp*

#Ubuntu One (if also stored for syncing) *u1conflict*

#Mercurial */.hg/

#Additional editor *~ *.save

Post your .gitignore additions in the comments!

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