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Simplest Backup With S3

Sometimes you just want to back something up with minimal configuration. No retained backups, nothing fancy, just a backup that's not on the same server. I think this might be the easiest solution I've seen. And it is super cheap, possibly free! S3's free tier gives you 5GB of data and 15GB of transfer...

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Programming for Real Time:

I recently deployed a website called for the world’s largest trivia contested. Each year, 90FM in Stevens Point (the UW-Stevens Point radio station) hosts an over the radio trivia contest. Teams listen to 8 questions an hour and call in answers for points. There are also other events for points, such...

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Django Performance Tuning

After one of my latest updates to, all the sudden requests were taking up to 11 seconds. Swoop works by making a set of all the apartments that meet at least one criteria the user types in (usually thousands), applying a weighting algorithm, sorting them, and returning the top 100 values for...

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OpenStack Vancouver Talk: Operating Ironic

Operating Ironic: Running A Young OpenStack Project In Production This is a talk that I gave at the OpenStack Vancouver summit about how we took a very early stage OpenStack project (OpenStack Ironic) and ran it in product to offer Rackspace's OnMetal project. The driver and decommissioning tools that we built were mostly open...

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How I Built

Every year, hundreds of teams and thousands of people gather near Stevens Point, WI for the World's Largest Trivia Contest, hosted by the local university radio station, WWSP. The contest is 54 hours long, with questions broadcast over the radio and answers called in to a team of highly caffeinated volunteers. Teams have the...

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