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OpenStack Paris Talk: Hardware in the Cloud

Hardware in the Cloud: Cleaning up after Bare Metal Ironic Tenants This is a talk I gave at the OpenStack Paris summit with my coworker Jay. We were running OpenStack Ironic in production for the Rackspace OnMetal project. OnMetal was a way to spin up a bare metal server in the Rackspace cloud using...

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Fabric XMPP Chat

In an effort to streamline my own deployment system, I decided to make Fabric (and soon, the rest of my infrastructure) send me chat messages when things happen. This is a very simple version of the system to get you started. Basically, you have it connect to an XMPP server (I'm using ejabberd on...

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Steps to remotely boot computers into a hard drive wiping utility (DBAN) and completely erase their data in an extremely secure way....

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FreeNAS to Ubuntu: Torrent Server (Transmission)

If you're coming from FreeNAS 7 to Ubuntu, you remember the very handy torrent server that was built in. Well we can exactly replicate that with Transmission's and its WebGUI. A torrent server provides you a great way to download torrents directly to your server. It also allows you to constantly seed torrents, even...

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Dive Into Python Mirror

Recently, was taken down. It is was a site/book written by Mark Pilgrim to help you learn Python. It is how I taught myself Python, and still a very valuable resource that I go back to time and time again. Unfortunately, Mark has taken down all of his sites on the...

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